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Why Hiring a Certified Tourist Guide on a Tourism Certified Vehicle.
All our Tour Guides are certified by the Secretary of Tourism in Mexico (SECTUR), Any Tour Guide in Mexico who has a valid license made a 510 hour certification, and every 4 years, we all have to renovate our license by attending a 160 hour certification.
So, if you hire a tour or excursion anywhere in Mexico and your Tour Guide has a valid Tour Guide License, be confident that you are lead by a professional and he or she will be able to handle most of situations that might occur.

All our vehicles are certified and regulated by the Communication and Transport secretaryship in Mexico (SCT), this government dependency protects tourist passengers by checking and regulating our vehicles twice a year, 
They check vehicle insurance, in this one, every passenger on the vehicle has a special personal insurance; smog emission, tires quality, first aid kit, extinguisher, spare tire, and the right function of the vehicle in general, this will get you a certification and validation to use your vehicle for tours and transportation.    

If you are concern about your Tour Guide, feel free to ask them to show you their valid license, if you are concern about the vehicle you will be transport in, look for the stickers on the windshield that the vehicle is checked and validated by the SCT for the present year.

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